First Time Buyers

Finding your first home and arranging your first mortgage can be over whelming. Faced with a mortgage market, which is made up of hundreds of different lenders and literally thousands of different deals all with different criteria, it can be impossible to make up your mind as to which is the best deal for you.

Many first time buyers simply give up trying to shop around and go to their own bank for their first mortgage, which can be a mistake. First time buyers should always seek professional advice: every lender will tell you that their mortgages are the best, but only an impartial advisor can show you the whole market and demonstrate which lenders’ products are best suited to your needs.

First time buyers often have very little money to put down as a deposit, particularly when there are so many fees to be paid! This is particularly relevant because different lenders will be prepared to lend markedly different amounts to those with little or no deposit, and this could mean the difference between you buying the property you want and just making do with second best.

So contact us today, we talk our clients through the house buying and mortgage process.